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Fwd: Blends-commit post from fweng-guest@users.alioth.debian.org requires approval

Bounce this mail to debian-blends. Inputs are welcome. :)

Best regards,


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From: Andrew Lee <ajqlee@debian.org>
Date: 2014-03-07 1:48 GMT+08:00
Subject: Re: Blends-commit post from fweng-guest@users.alioth.debian.org requires approval
To: Franklin Weng <franklin@goodhorse.idv.tw>
Cc: Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu>

Hi Franklin,

Thanks for explain all these to us.

As far as I know, blends does more than what itzks-system package did in a smarter way.

You can compare the itzks-system/debian/control file with any of the tasks file under:

You may found the debian-ezgo blends are generating these binary packages
already. And also
meta packages. You may want to sync what package should ezgo installs in the tasks first.
And then we can use these updated tasks to collect what menu entries are needed to be translated and then integrate that with multi-lingual supported
All these could be done in blends, except the huge content of phet. I think it would be a good idea to have phet as a independent package and has that mentioned in debian-ezgo's tasks file.

What do you think?

Best regards,


2014-03-06 15:52 GMT+08:00 Franklin Weng <franklin@goodhorse.idv.tw>:

Hi Andrew and Andres,

Sorry again for this svn issue.  I've deleted the workaround folder from svn and moved it to my own git repository.

Andrew would like me to explain what I want to do now to you.  So here I describe our goal and what I want to do now.  To avoid disturbing other folks in debian-blends mailing list, I sent this to you both first.  Please feel free if you think your answers can be shared to any mailing list.

Since the NTPC project last year [1] we got some feedback and would like to build up a total solutions for computer classrooms in schools in Taiwan.  Eric Sun, one of our partner, suggested me to study skolelinux (debian-edu).  So I took several weeks and did some experiments with our partners.  The performance was good, and we started to think about how to customizing it to fit our needs.

We have a conference in April, so we hope to make a demo version before the end of March so that we can show this to everyone in that conference.  After contacting with some debian edu developers like Mike Gabriel, Petter Reinholdsten, and Jonas Smedegaard, we decided to follow the example of itzks-system [2], that is, install debian-edu first then install some debian packages for customizing.  I then think of that debian-ezgo, a debian blend by Andrew.  Our target is very much like what debian-ezgo should do, so I asked Andrew if I can start debian-ezgo or not.  He agreed.

So I studied itzks-system and read some documents like Debian Policy to study how to make debian packages.  My plan is to generate several debian packages with one source:

and maybe more.  So I collect the files I need in the workaround folder and prepare to generate debian packages, like what itzks-system did.

I'm now using my own git repository to restore the working files.  If I can handle all these, I think I'll be able to integrate them into debian ezgo blends so that we can easily customizing any debian system into ezgo.

Any help and guide will be very appreciated.


2014-03-06 4:41 GMT+08:00 Andrew Lee <ajqlee@debian.org>:
Hi Andreas and other folks,

I am very sorry about that.This is my fault as that I didn't explain enough to Franklin who would like to adopt ezgo blends.

Hi Frinklin,
As what Andreas said. This is a shared svn to other blends too. Please revert the unrelated stuff and be more verbose to explain what you like to approach before action. I am sure there are better solutions as what seems to me that 
1. The PhET stuff could be a separate package and may be useful for others too.
2. Your hacks for ezgo menu entries could be integrated in a better way.

I may guide you how to do these in a better way. In first stage, what we should do is sync packages that ships in ezgo with the tasks under

Would you mind to do this as learn how blends works as a starter?

Best regards,




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