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Re: blends related events for timeline.d.n?

On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Paul Wise wrote:

> Agreed, will pass your comment on to the maintainer.

Hist reply was that he doesn't want to special-case this package,
moving to collab-maint while still being the maintainer would be a
drain on his time/attention/sanity and said that the two options are
1) leave things as-is 2) move to collab-maint and have someone else
take over both the package and the service (timeline.d.n) entirely.

I don't want to become the maintainer for yet another service or
package so I propose to leave things as is.

We still need your thoughts on significant blends
changes/events/discussions in the last 10 years though. Sending them
as patches to the maintainer should work, it has done for me for other
timeline stuff.



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