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Re: [GSoC] blends-gen-control hints (Was: blends-dev, gsoc 2013)

[sorry again accidentally hit the reply button and sent the mail private again, here forward to the list ]

Hello Andreas,

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 11:08 PM, Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> wrote:

I called blend-gen-control but can not find any output.

Did you provide the needed arguments?(if not my bad i forgot to mention).
For instance it works like the current blend-gen-control. if you want to generate all the possible control files:

./blend-gen-control -b debian-med -c -D -S (so you have -c for gen_control -D for nodepends, -S suppressempty)

or for generating the task descriptions files you can do:

./blend-gen-control -b debian-med -t -S (-t for task_desc)

So more or less it gets the same arguments as the current blend-gen-control, in case you want to generate only a single file with a specific architecture you can do:

./blend-gen-control -b debian-med -c -D -S -a amd64

Also you can add the -d (--debug) for debug messages (but as i said, debug messages are not so convincing for the moment :-) ).

It you try it with the above arguments and you still don't get an output let me know.
The idea to queery the packages table seems to be clever at first sight
but finally this is a "circular dependency".  Blend-gen-control is used
to create metapackages and these will be uploaded to Debian and from
there the information ends up in the packages table.  So on one hand you
have no chance to change these metadata nor do you get anything for new
packages.  So we need to find a different solution:  For the moment this
is very simple:  We just fix the values:

   Priority: extra
   Section: misc

The later is debatable but for the moment it would work.  Perhaps we
need to add a Section field directly into the tasks files to get better
control over this value (and move this metadate to the blends_metadata
table).  As far as I see it currently "Priority: extra" is the way to go
for metapackages.  This was discussed previously and we just can leave
it as is.

Oups i did not think about "circular dependency", but now it's clear. I will fix it.

I think we need to make sure that *every* information will propagate
into UDD.  If you are interested you can perfectly try to dive into
this.  It is


and you need to redefine the table columns (see dir sql/) and adapt
udd/blends_metadata_gatherer.py to read in the data.

Yes I am interested, I will check that :-).
You are perfectly right that this is a flaw inside the Blends table
structure.  The reason for this is that when I wrote this code I did not
hat the metapackage creation in mind but rather the pure set of packages
involved.  I have no really good suggestion whet to do here.  I'll try to
think about this - suggestions welcome.

Ok, I will think about it better tomorrow and I will try to come up with an idea. 
You probably mean debian-mentors and yes, I'm reading this list.  Let's
wait for another 24h and lets see if wee need to find another wording.

Ok, so we wait for this part. 
As said above: I can not see any output in control/ of taskdesc/.  Any
idea what might be wrong?

As I write in the beginning, try the script with the arguments. To get the list of the available arguments you can do:

 ./blend-gen-control --help

If you use the arguments and still don't get an output let me know.

Note: Also check that if you add -c(which goes for gen_control ) and then you also add -t(which goes for task description files) it will only take the -c argument. Just like the current blend-gen-control it has a if-elseif-elseif into these arguments so it can not do them both the same time, it will either generate the control files or the task descriptions, not both (-c has the priority here) 

Kind regards 


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