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Re: Identi.ca/Twitter feeds for Blends

Le 10/04/2013 12:02, Andreas Tille a écrit :
> Hi Sylvestre,
> I have read your blog post
>    http://sylvestre.ledru.info/blog/sylvestre/2013/04/09/a_new_identi_ca_twitter_feed_debian_uplo
> which is interesting in so far that I was wondering for a long time how
> we could realise Blends-centric feeds if a Blends relevant package was
> uploaded.  Provided that UDD has a list of Blends packages (basically
> done in Git, needs testing) and we can drain some appropriate output
> format as it is requested in #703402, could you imagine to do this to
> feed some Blends related channels?
Sure. :)
What kind of things would you like to see ?
Stuff like
Upload: package foo version x.y uploaded. Belong to blend bar


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