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Re: How can Blends techniques be adapted to NeuroDebian

Hi Michael,

On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 08:35:23PM +0200, Michael Hanke wrote:
> > Damn, NeuroDebian people do actually have mind reading abilities! ;-)
> Moving this effort forward I started restructuring the website and its
> generating code so it could eventually become useful for other blends
> too.
> Part of the deal was that NeuroDebian would become a full blend, instead
> of a blend or blends ;-) What I can't figure out is what actually needs
> to be done to _start_ a blend.

There is actually a chapter "How to start a Debian Pure Blend" in the Blends
documentation[1] you might have stumbled upon. :-)

> What is required to make all the magic
> scripts and sentinels that already exist right now pick up a new blend
> and start generating information?

For until recently I would have suggested to just start with copying the
stuff from Debian Med in SVN and tweak it to your needs.
> Do I just create a repo like the one for debian-med, push it to some
> VCS, and drop an email here?

If you want to have it right now, yes.  If you might want to wait until
we found a decision regarding switching to Git.

> Does the repo have to be SVN?

Currently yes, but see my other mail.

Kind regards


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