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Re: Debian Blends: Question of possibilities

> Hi Vladimir,
> thanks for your interest in Blends.

Thanks for the fast reply.

> On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 09:27:44PM +0300, Vladimir Vitkov wrote:
> > 
> > I am in the process of researching for an automation project. My initial
> > idea was to kind of fork debian (well not really). I was intending to
> > create specific installer cd's that suited my needs (adding few
> > packages, creating metapackages and such).
> It always helps if you give more details about your project.
The project will be mainly centered around home servers (think nfs,
storage, fw and such) though there are possibilities to expand it much
further. The main driver behind this is automation (and maybe some
suitable interfaces/configurations/scripts).
> > In the process of research i found out about Debian Pure Blends and
> > seems this will cover my needs. Though i have one question:
> > 
> > Will the blends-dev package work with multiple repositories?
> Yes.  Despite the fact that it is not a *pure* (= using Debian
> exclusively) Blend.  You can adjust a sources.list.<dist> file in
> /etc/blends (not tested - but I see no reason why this should not work).
> > One of the
> > repositories will be the official debian repository and the other one
> > will be a private repository containing only the modified or added
> > packages (think this was mentioned as overlaying in the CDD Howto).
> Any reason to not make those additional packages official ones?
The big metapackages might be good for inclusion (but i am still on the
basics of debian policy and such) as for the rest they will contain
primarily (if not only) configurations/branding deemed fit for the
purpose/task and as such probably won't be accepted.

Vladimir Vitkov

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