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Re: Experiment to gather information about prospective packages (Was: [Blends-commit] r3275 - /blends/trunk/machine_readable/fetch-machine-readable)

On Sat, 21 Apr 2012, Andreas Tille wrote:
> I admit I consider this datum as the weakest of all I want to gather.
> Perhaps I will go rather with the fact whether a package is in main or
> in contrib / non-free and just use "DFSG free" as I'm currently using
> for any Debian package in main.  I actually do not see much value in
> rendering the exact license because the final piece of information is
> whether the potential taker would spend his time into a free or non-free
> piece of software.  I'd regard any gain for more detail as a waste of
> time.  As I said, this is some first experiment with uncertain outcome.

well DFSG free != DFSG free ;-)  information (even coarse and
over-generalized) on licensing might be of interest for people
overviewing task pages in search for a license-compatible library

> experience says that before there is something to present the interest
> will remain low.  

also even if interest is high, it might be too time consuming for
readers to adequately follow discussion of WiP .  Distilled/concise
presentation of some milestone achievements might bring more feedback.
(just my 1c)

> Even if the issue is very burning (like for instance
> with BiBref issues where I know for sure at least three persons who were
> very interested) people claim to have no time and loose track in the
> discussion.  (Just been there, explained the main important points of
> the BibRef gatherer in PM after I was told that the discussion was
> basically ignored.)

sorry -- I haven't read in full before replied above which just confirms
your statement here ;)

> discussion.  My code is not yet functional (you might have read my
> requests for help for the python-debian module - I probably will do some

I think I have seen it but missed it :-/  would it be too much to ask a
reference to the request?

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