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Tasks pages ready for inspection after break because of descripion-less Packages files


the change to description-less packages files has broken the UDD
importers and thus in turn the creation of the tasks pages.  I fixed the
description translation importer accordingly and did some tests with the
tasks creation code which now works for me.  So I pushed it to the test
server blends.debian.net which is running a clone of UDD.  I plan to
push the new code to real UDD soonish but it would help if some more
eyes would look on the resulting tasks pages in case something might
be missing or different than intended.  So please go to


and check the tasks of your Blend of choice.  Anything which does not
fit your expectation would be interesting.

Note:  I also added a new feature when giving references in a
debian/upstream file (formerly named debian/upstream-metadata.yaml).
While this works in principle it needs some changes before it will work
fully.  Just make sure you are providing debian/upstream files meanwhile.
Once this stuff is finished I'll write an announcement on d-d-a.

Kind regards



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