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Re: Configuration management

hi Andreas,

On Mon, Mar 07, 2011 at 08:50:45AM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
my silence is silent agreement - thanks to your verbose answers.

Thanks - I highly appreciate your opinions on these matters: you were mentally sitting right next to me while writing those responses! :-)

On Mon, Mar 07, 2011 at 03:37:31AM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

Many (loudly voiced) Debian developers find "Debian Pure Blends" a lousy term

Who exaclty expressed this? While this name ranked only on place two on my preferences list I did not realised loud voices against it.

I don't recall who exactly.  It came out in casual conversations at
#debian-devel on IRC and IRL at the two previoous DebConfs.

As I believe I wrote already, their reasonings seemed unfounded to me, so I did my best at shaking off those annoying experiences (not annoying because those people disliked the term, but because of the discussion style becomes difficult - e.g. an underlying [tone] of "you probably don't handle the english language well enough to realize what fuckup this is").

[tone]: I believe the accurate term here is condescendent.

- but then again it seems to me they misunderstand the main point of being something "all inside Debian itself" and then obviously find the combination of "Pure" and "Blend" weird.

Combining the name of a women and a man into DebIan might also seem
weird. :-)

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You can also quote me freely - it is just not much what I said anyway.

Ok - since you write that explicitly, I dare post this response to the list, not discretely as you did: Not (only) because it is flattering, but as a principle of keeping as little as possible discrete.

 - Jonas

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