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Re: Please review content squeeze release announement


Am 02.02.2011 14:36, schrieb Andreas Tille:

> I added the following paragraph to the below mentioned release notes:

Actually, you didn't add it to the release _notes_, but to the release
_announcement_, which is not a detailed documentation about changes, but
a short summary of the most important ones for journalists and our users.


Yes please; as I'm not really sure it's suitable for an announcement in
it's current state:

 * To long
 * To much overhead (history of the name blend, old blends)
 * Links to a page I barely understand... Not sure if our users and
journalists will do any better.

Different style and formation that the rest of the text.

I'm not against mentioning new blends, I just don't think it fits into
the rest as it is now.  And please keep in mind, that the content should
be frozen tomorrow.

Best regards,

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