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Bugs #577062, #601959, #603853: Please unblock blends, debian-junior, debian-med, debian-science


I would like to ask you for unblocking the following packages

   debian-med     version 1.8    (closes: #603853)
   debian-science version 0.12   (closes: #601959)
   debian-junior  version 1.20   (closes: #577062)
   blends         version 0.6.15 (packages above (Build-)Depend
                                  from this)

Here comes the explanation why the changes are more invasive than
usually accepted for propagations to testing.

I talked to release team members (in real life before Lenny release)
about creating metapackages once we really know the set of packages in
the to be released package pool.  It might happen, that in freeze time
some packages would be removed and we do not want to have Depends or
Recommends from removed packages.  (This for instance happened with the
package paw which was formerly in med-physics and science-physics.) The
fact that there are also new packages involved is simple: The Freeze
came a bit abrupt.  I know that there would have been a chance to ask
release team to add these new package but as explained above this would
have finally leaded to a doubling of the needed manual intervention (to
accept NEW packages *and* the late update).  I hope you will confirm
this reasoning (and yes, I should probably have informed you earlier
about this strategy - I just missed this).

I will now describe the changes made compared to the current version
in testing.  I uploaded the diffs to
to keep this mail shorter

 1. blends (see $URL/blends_0.6.14-0.6.15.diff)
    The problematic issue in all bugs mentioned above is that for
    some reason which is not fully clear the postrm script of the
    metapackages in Lenny fails.  As Steve Langasek explained in[1] 
    and in bug log of #577062 the best solution would be to handle
    failed-upgrade in the postrm of Squeeze packages.  Because of
    the nature of all metapackages which are sharing the same post*/
    pre* scripts this has to be done in the blends-dev package.

    So I created a new blends-dev package with the attached diff.
    As the diff shows it contains some documentation changes and a
    minor correction which was reported in PM (ignore .git dirs) which
    is simple enough to cause no problem.

    When touching the post*/pre* templates I noticed another potential
    problem of these files: They contained some bashisms which were
    removed now to prevent further trouble because there is no reason
    why bash should be installed.

    The other changes were adding the postrm to finally fix the bug,
    provide a preinst for completeness and make sure these will be
    handled in the clean target properly.

 2. debian-junior (see $URL/attached debian-junior_1.19-1.20.diff)
    Simply rebuilded with versioned build-depends.  The automatic
    creation of the source package using blends-dev detected that the
    package spider is not any more in Debian and thus this package
    was removed from the dependencies in debian-junior-tasks.desc
    and in debian/control(junior-games-card) it was removed from the
    list of Recommends and rather added to Suggests (as it is usually
    done by blends-dev for dependencies which can not be resolved in
    the target distribution).  As mentioned above this would be a
    reason for a late upload anyway.

    Remark: As mentioned by Steve Langasek[1] the later changed is
    not mentioned in the changelog.  To fullfill this a change in
    blends-dev would be needed to track those automatic changes.
    Because this is a quite invasive change for blends-dev it is
    not planned for the Squeeze release.

 3. debian-med (see $URL/debian-med_1.7-1.8.diff)
    1) Rebuilded with versioned build-depends to fix the bug above.
    2) Mentioning all metapackages in long description of med-config
       (=documentation) and fixed description of some metapackages
    3) Some package (like embassy-*) were removed from testing which
       leaded to changes in debian-med-tasks.desc and in Recommends /
       Suggests as mentioned above in debian-junior
    4) Some new packages which were not available at build time of
       debian-med 1.7 are in dependencies of metapackages.  This is
       connected to some changes in the tasks/* files which are the
       data used to create the list of dependencies.  While changes
       to these data should be mentioned in some changelog this is
       usually done only in case of drastic changes (new tasks) not
       for adding single dependencies.  By implementing the feature
       to automatically track changes in *.desc / control as mentioned
       above this could be fixed.
    5) New metapackage med-cloud
       The sense of this new metapackage is to have a collection of
       all those packages which can be used at command line and thus
       are ideal for larger computing tasks in cloud computing
       clusters.  The new package is builded the very same manner
       as all other packages - so no new bugs (which are not affecting
       all other packages as well) can be introduced here.

 4. debian-science (see $URL/debian-science_0.11-0.12.diff)
    1) Rebuilded with versioned build-depends to fix the bug above.
    2) Similar changes as in debian-med item 3) and 4)
    3) New metapackages: science-nanoscale-physics,
       The plan to add these metapackages was discussed in Science
       track at LSM last year in Amiens and finally realised short
       after the freeze date.  As above in debian-med 5) these
       additional metapackages have no potential to introduce new
       bugs which are not happening anyway with all the other

Kind regards and thanks for your hard work on Debian release


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-jr/2010/11/msg00005.html


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