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Bits from Debian Pure Blends


here are some bits from Debian Pure Blends [0]:

1. Rename finished

  At DebConf 8 it was decided to rename the effort which was formerly
  known as Custom Debian Distributions.  The rename to Debian Pure
  Blends now can be considered as finished in the docs, code and
  infrastructure (mailing list, alioth project, etc..  There are
  compatibility packages cdd-dev and cdd-common for one release cycle
  to enable smooth upgrades.

2. New Blends

  The BrDesktop project is actually not really a new Blend because it is
  released with Lenny but it started using the technical framework since
  last month.  Also the DebiChem project is using the framework now.  You
  might like to have a look at the list of all Blends [1] which are using
  the Framework to create tasks and bugs pages.

3. New features

  The tasks and bugs pages are now created using Ultimate Debian
  Database (UDD) [2] which enabled a lot of new features which
  came quite cheap.  These are
  - Outright information about versions and architectures even
    including information about newer upstream
  - Information about packages in experimental and new queue
  - Displaying DebTags (or asking user to provide DebTags if they
    are missing)
  - Popcon stats
  - Providing correct links to Vcs
  - Provide screenshots from screenshots.debian.net

  Please provide screenshots to screenshots.debian.net to make
  the tasks pages even more informative!

4. Blends needing more support

  The Blends Debian Junior and Debian Lex currently are not actively
  maintained.  Some fresh blood might be needed.

5. Ways to help Blends and Debian users in General

  - Translate package descriptions (see yellow buttons on the tasks
  - Provide proper DebTags (see yellow buttons as well)
  - Provide screenshots at screenshots.debian.net
  - Usability comments about tasks and bugs pages
  - Join a Blend featuring your own interests or create a new one.

Kind regards


[0] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/blends/
[1] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/UltimateDebianDatabase

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