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Some blends-dev issues


I'm trying to migrate brdesktop-* to blends-dev structure. Before reporting
bugs/patches to BTS I would like to discuss some things here:

1) blends-dev doesn't support specifying archs for packages in
Depends/Recommends. I've seen that Andreas wrote "...it is included for "all
archs if available"" in tasks files, but this fails for our purpose. There are
packages available for both i386 and amd64, but some can't go to our amd64 CD
image due to the image size (it's bigger). Ok, I can manage it via live-helper,
but it's a workaround I would not be happy with. I imagine it's a simple
feature to implement.

2) I think /usr/share/blends-dev/rules is repeating work which has been made in
CDBS. CDBS provides a debhelper rules file very similar to the one from
blends-dev. Also, some blends (like brdesktop) may want to use specific rules
from CDBS (ex: makefile.mk) which seems to conflict with blends-dev rules. So,
please consider having a blends.mk rules file in CDBS *only* for specific
blends stuff rather than maintaining a full-featured rules file.

3) Please upload 0.6.4. We can't use our autobuilder before it since we use a
cow chroot where we can't checkout the lastest svn revision. We need that
version in Debian, which fixes that old debian-* requirement for blends name.
Btw, thanks for fixing it :)

Best regards,

Tiago Bortoletto Vaz
0xA504FECA - http://pgp.mit.edu

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