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Re: simple-cdd questions

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 09:50:05PM -0600, Charliej wrote:
> I have used simple-cdd to make a install disk of some of my favorite
> software for i386, how would I go about making a amd64 version of the
> same CD? 

using the same profiles, merely set the ARCH variable:

  echo export ARCH=amd64 >> profiles/default.conf

> Is it possible to make a multi arch install CD using
> simple-cdd?

for multi-arch, set the ARCHES variable:

  echo export ARCHES=\"i386 amd64\" >> profiles/default.conf

> One other thing, I would like to change the art work for the initial
> start up screen to a custom one, how would you I go about doing this?
> links to documentation would be appreciated. :)

try the SPASHPNG variable, although this may have changed with recent versions
of debian-installer.

good luck.

live well,

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