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Re: Question about how to customize my distro

Hi vagrant,

> one possible issue is that "simple-cdd" is possibly exclusively used
> to make unofficial debian-installer CDs that are not within Debian,
> and thus is maybe poorly named. I've hoped simple-cdd would be useful
> to official custom debian distributions, and thus have directed
> feedback to this list. if that is problematic, then i would like to
> figue out more appropriate channels for simple-cdd, or even consider
> renaming it.
I think "simple-cdd" is a really good name for your software :-)
and your short explanation what "simple-cdd" can do and why I should use 
it for my project is very well.

But this list is definitive not the right place for a peace of software 
which is intended to help people to create a bootable and well 
customized Debian CD.

May be, you will open an own mailing list or at least remove this list 
from the wiki.

I will now unsubscribe this list

> live well,
>   vagrant


So long
	Harry Jede

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