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Bug#491680: cdd-actions: line 132: [: too many arguments

On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, Andreas Tille wrote:

 but the error
 might be from junior-config being confused that I selected 0 users as
 having junior menus.

Well, I removed all users from my list of junior users - but can not
reproduce this behaviour.

Yeah actually the error starts before I even do this choice.

 Could you please try to insert a line

 set -x

in line 128 of file /usr/share/cdd/unixgroups/cdd-actions
(or somewhere there) and send me the output of the installation?

The problematic part is:
++ read user pass uid gid name rest
++ '[' 101 -ge 1000 -a nx '!=' nobody ']'
++ read user pass uid gid name rest
++ '[' -ge 1000 -a +goaoc '!=' nobody ']'
/usr/share/cdd/unixgroups/cdd-actions: line 132: [: too many arguments
++ read user pass uid gid name rest

In principle the script should be safe against working on zero
users - but perhaps something went wrong on your specific machine.

The above lines correspond to this in /etc/passwd:


So apparently this script does not handle the case where /etc/passwd contains references to NIS entries.

Marc Glisse

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