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Re: seeking simple-cdd maintainers, testing for lenny

Am Freitag, 20. Juni 2008 22:49 schrieb Vagrant Cascadian:
> greetings.
> i've finally been putting more time into simple-cdd again, and hope
> to do a new upload soon.
> if anyone else would like to join the simple-cdd team, please let me
> know. i'll need a sponsor for the next upload, since the last version
> didn't include debian-maintainer headers.
> also, please test simple-cdd with lenny, using debian-cd from
> subversion(the current debian-cd package is borked, as far as i can
> tell):
currently I have no problem with debian-cd from lenny or etch.

But please, change line 175 in simple-cdd/tools/mirror/reprepro

 reprepro $reprepro_opts --nolistsdownload --noskipold update
 reprepro $reprepro_opts  --noskipold update

with the option "--nolistsdownload" I have no chance, to follow the 
updates of the official Debian mirrors.


> live well,
>   vagrant


	Harry Jede

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