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Re: New tasks web pages for all CDDs

On Mon, 7 Jul 2008, Michael Banck wrote:

OK, I've took a look at it now, and it's quite what I had in mind to do
for debichem in some way somewhere, eventually.

Great. ;-)

However, I really think the term 'task' is misplaced here (much more on
a mail to debian-devel-announce).  First prove: If I go to
http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/edu/tasks/ with my web browser set to
german as language, I get "Dies ist die Liste der Aufgaben des Debian
Edu Projekts" I'm not sure what a better term would be ("package sets",
maybe?), but I really think "task" should be an internal implementation
detail and this term should not be exposed to users.

Well, that's the kind of response I really like.  I'm afraid I'm to
deeply involved into this to notice that this is missleading for outsiders.
I just was inspired by the directory name Debian Edu invented in the
beginning of using this technique and never thought about this really.
So any hint which leads to better terminology is more than welcome.

Besides, this is also what made me skip your round of mails about this -
I thought it was about some todo list for CDDs by just reading the
subject, not this nice overview about packages, so mentally marked it as
pending for read.

OK, this just explains that we should do better here ...

Kind regards


PS: Michael, I kept you in CC because I'm unsure whether you read debian-custom
    list ...

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