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Re: simple-ccd with packages from etch-backports?

On Thu, Jul 03, 2008 at 03:32:42PM +0200, Dieter Hendricks wrote:
> I used simple-cdd howto to create my first custom-cd...
> but how can I add packages from etch-backports (nagios3) into the cd?

thanks for the suggestion- just added support in the simple-cdd-devel
bzr branch. should work for simple cases, but not if dependencies aren't
available in etch, although you could list all packages you want from
backports.org and their dependencies.

i also haven't tested the latest simple-cdd release (0.3.7) or bzr
branch with etch, as 0.3.7 was largely to get simple-cdd into working
shape for lenny.

so, you'd have to download simple-cdd from bzr:

bzr get http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/bzr/simple-cdd/simple-cdd-devel/ 

mkdir -p ~/my-simple-cdd/tools/mirror/
cp simple-cdd-devel/tools/mirror/reprepro ~/my-simple-cdd/tools/mirror/

set in profiles/FOO.conf:

# optional:
backports_packages="whitespace separated list of packages you want installed"

good luck.

live well,

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