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Re: Bug#488262: missing depends on rsync

On Fri, 27 Jun 2008, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

package cdd-dev
severity 488262 wishlist

Fully ACK.

Hi Andreas,

Ups, does everybody in the CDD team is called Andreas. ;-))

while trying to build debian-edu from svn in a clean lenny environment, make"
dist" didnt complete, because rsync wasnt installed. Please add it to
cdd-dev's depends.

"dist" is not an official build target for Debian packaging, so even
though make dist might need rsync, that does not require changes to

This was the reason why I did not mentioned rsync.  So it was somehow
intentionally.  The reason is that in principle CDD authors can decide
to exchange the Makefile which currently contains basically

   include /usr/share/cdd-dev/Makefile

and in fact this Makefile is using rsync to build the dist target.
So I think a Suggests rsync should be done and we could discuss whether
a Recommends is apropriate (thinking about it now I tend to do so -
especially because having rsync on a machine does not really hurt anyway).
But a Depends sounds not really reflect reality.  BTW, if you don't
like the rsync call at all you could get rid of it easily.  I just
used it for convinience because it has the nice --exclude feature
which could be implemented by other means quite easily - so I would
hate adding a hard Depends if it is not really needed.

What do you think (Suggests / Depends / replacing rsync in the Makefile)
to solve this bug?

Kind regards



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