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almost there

I am using simple-cdd from lenny to build an etch CDD. I am stucked
with a few minor problems though:
1) even preseeding xserver-xorg, I could not have my keyboard
auto-detected. I've set
xserver-xorg  xserver-xorg/autodetect_keyboard 	boolean true
in xorg.preseed but it does not work (debconf-get-selections shows "false")
2) Even with
in my profile.conf, security is accessed and I do not want it (I need
a full CD installation). I suspect of iceweasel-l10n-pt-br that
downloads aspell and ispell and respective dictionaries. Is it
possible to set something like "no-recommends" ?
3) Is it possible to remove doc and tools directories ? I guess I have
to update md5sum but is it the only step ?

I would be very happy in finishing it before the Carnival :)
all the best,
Thadeu Penna
Prof.Associado - Instituto de Física
Universidade Federal Fluminense

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