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simple-cdd 0.3.1 in unstable

so another release of simple-cdd, 0.3.1, this time uploaded to debian
unstable! lenny is hopefully only 7 days away :)

thanks to otavio for sponsoring the upload.


the package should also work on etch, though there's a few extra hoops
to jump through just to get it installed properly:


major change with this release is that build-simple-cdd was moved into
/usr/bin, so it no longer requires having a complete copy of
/usr/share/simple-cdd in your working directory to run. this way you
only have to maintain your profiles in the directory, or you can even
try the example profiles.

also, the need for a simple-cdd.conf file has been replaced with a
--conf commandline option. if no configuration file is specified
(hopefully reasonable) defaults will be used.

at user request, support for downloading packages from contrib and
non-free was added, though more complete support awaits in the next

i also look forward to hacking on simple-cdd with folks at debconf7!

live well,

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