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Re: trying simple-cdd

please ask simple-cdd questions on the debian-custom list(no need to
send to me directly), so others can help (and learn from) the process :)

On Sat, Dec 30, 2006 at 06:03:36PM -0500, lloyd@paisite.com wrote:
> Following your instructions, we created our first CDD *.ISO.
> Installation went well until install of the base system. We got the
> following error:
> Debootstrap error
> Invalid release file: no entry for local/binary-i386/Packages

hm. haven't seen that before. possibly some sort of misconfiguration
with LOCAL and/or LOCALDEBS variables- are those specified in
simple-cdd.conf ? if using the defaults mirrorring tools(reprepro and
wget), they shouldn't be- it's not needed. (though *maybe* something is
broken with using --local-packages to add the simple-cdd-profiles .udeb)

first thing i recommend trying is just building simple-cdd with all the
defaults- no profiles or anything. and then add a profile with your
packages that are available from debian. and then add custom packages,
if any.  one step at a time.

i'm often on irc in irc.debian.org #debian-custom channel, if you'd like
to discuss it there...

live well,

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