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trying simple-cdd (was Re: Questions about building a Debian Custom Disk)

On Fri, Dec 29, 2006 at 11:32:28AM -0500, lloyd@paisite.com wrote:
> Many thanks for your thoughtful reply.
of course :)
> Our first goal will be to create the simplest, plain-vanilla image we can
> -- just to understand the process.
that is an excellent way to go.

> We've just down-loaded the Simple (sarge) package from the Debian
> archives. Will study carefully and see what we come up with.

please, test the etch version instead :)

just created a short howto from an earlier posting ot this list:


the sarge version, while it works with sarge, is kind of ugly, crude and
hackish, and is prone to break. i think the etch-based version is much
better. i'd rather get the etch version working well than support the
sarge version at this point.

live well,

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