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Debian Creative Arts Custom CD -- sound


I'm continuing to evaluate packages for the Debian Creative Arts Custom
CD. I've rounded up an outstanding suite of software for the visual and
literary arts. But I have no experience with sound; would welcome

I'm assuming that the users will have minimal technical skills. Would like
to provide a well-integrated set of sound tools and utilities that would
enable the user to:

1) Play a dvd
2) Play a cd
3) Record live narration, dialog, and music
4) Record sound from recorded sources
5) Synthesize a music track
6) Mix a sound track
7) Edit a sound track
8) Write a sound track to cd

In other words, just enough to play a favorite music cd, movie dvd,
produce an amateur music cd, sound-effects track for a community theater,
or  simple sound track for a slide-show or animation.

The tools should as easy to  learn and use as possible.


Many thanks,

Lloyd R. Prentice

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