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Re: preparing for a new simple-cdd release

On 12/2/06, Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@freegeek.org> wrote:
i am very happy to annouce that a version of simple-cdd that works with
etch is nearly finished.  i've tested it using debian-installe RC1, and
it seems to be working fine.


many thanks to Gustavo Franco (a.k.a. stratus) for doing much of the
work to get simple-cdd back in shape. thanks also to Frans Pop for help
troubleshooting debian-installer issues.

You're welcome Vagrant. Thanks for the help and motivation too!

hopefully, with a little more testing, we will see an upload to debian

Let us make clear that it seems that we've missed the Etch boat, but
stuff will be pretty much in a better shape for Lenny if us keep the
work. I'll do my best, and i need to (really).

the major new change (since the sarge-oriented version) is that it uses
a .udeb to integrate into debian-installer.  this udeb is simply a
skeletal infrastructure for a CDD to select packages for installation,
do debconf preseeding/preconfiguration, and run custom post-install
scripts. you can define several profiles, with different
package/preseeding/post-install sets and select them at install time.

I simply love that. :)

feedback would definitely be appreciated. if you want to give it a try,
on an etch system:

There's a new donut for you in my branch (the splashpng stuff). I'll
add some more minor changes after i bring back my test system,
hopefully sometime soon this week.

there's a few changes i'd like to finish soon, mentioned in the TODO

There's one we've ignored that is related with the default profiles
that are in our bzr branches. I've 3 profiles and of course almost all
the packages i need are listed into default.packages. You've some
profiles and just a few stuff on default.packages. Shouldn't we change
how the 'default' profile stuff works? I think it's better let the
user define if he's using a alternate 'default', got it? That way we
both can keep our default* stuff. Thoughts?

-- stratus

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