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Re: Job: simplified creation of Debian Jr. accounts

Am Dienstag, 21. November 2006 13:17 schrieb Ben Armstrong:

> I was thinking
> merely of providing a "graduated" set of initial configurations for
> desktops for each of a few different age ranges, 
> I think this could all be done with a different /etc/skel per age
> range, or perhaps a single one encompassing all "levels" of user
> account configuration, with some way of selecting amongst them at the
> user level (e.g. by choosing a different "session" type from gdm).  Do
> other CDDs have a similar need, or is Debian Jr. alone?

Yes, debian-edu with desktop-profiles is one.

Basicly you create some directories with your (even stackable) desktop 
configurations as you described above and configure desktop-profiles to 
activate them depending on a users group membership or the return code of a 
command you specify! You could have a simple user level Debian Jr. profile 

Unlike copying files from /etc/skel, desktop-profiles makes use of the 
configuration stacking that DEs have implemented. Profiles can be switched or 
updated without affecting user overrides just as you mentioned above.


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