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Hi- Regarding buiding custom debian cd

Hi folks  ,
  This is Chandan from India .. Iam working on building a debian based distro .. I have built a distro with Anaconda graphical installer developed by progeny ... But I have built for sarge ...

 Now I have to build the etch (debian testing) image with debian graohical installer .. How do I do that ..

I have tried some steps which is in Debian wiki ...


 I followed the steps given in this page .. Iam able to build the image .. but start of installation I am getting "Kernel mismatch error ... version of kernel in archive and runtime are not matching .." How do I solve this problem ...

Other way I am trying Simple-cdd, but this also I am facing error in debpartial-mirror command ... Some "Segmentation fault" error is coming ..

What do I do to build the working image .. Please tell me some solution ..


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