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Re: Bug#292222: ITH: ibuild -- custom LiveCD creator

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Martin-Éric Racine]
As such, I no longer see any valid reason to wait for the initial
ITP submitter and am hereby hijacking this ITP and proceeding with
the submission of this new package to the archive.

Great.  I look forward to test it.  Is it scriptable?  It looked like
a GUI tool the last time I looked at it.  I would like to run a script
every few hour to built an updated live CD with the latest and
greatest of packages. :)

It is very much a GUI tool.

There's already a version available on the Morphix APT repository. However, the current version gives *way* too many Lintian errors, largely because the author knew nothing of the Debian Policy until now. I have forwarded him the Lintian log and he already figured out the solution to most problems. As such, we should be able to deliver a first decent package to Unstable within the early part of September, when he returns from his vacations.

Martin-Eric Racine

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