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iBuild debs available from the Morphix APT repository

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:

So, earlier today, I spoke with Gandalfar on #morphix and agreed with him that I would be maintaining the Debian package of iBuild. I also commented the existing ITP to mention that I'm taking this over.

I have started uploading Debian packages of iBuild 0.38 to the Morphix FTP site.
This is still very much WIP as the upstream author is busy finetuning his Python skills at the same time. Meanwhile, I am helping him revise the structure of his upstream source tarball to better accomodate Debian practices, which makes a lot of sense in this particular case, since Morphix itself is Debian-based.

The upstream author and I have agreed not to submit packages to Debian just yet and to instead use the Morphix package repository as a sandbox until he feels
satisfied enough with his work to dare probe a wider audience.

Nevertheless, feedback on these early iBuild packages is welcome.

Martin-Eric Racine

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