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Re: Diskless CDDs: ltsp and lessdisks

> Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@freegeek.org> writes:
> >> > Please move discussion to debian-custom instead. This topic does not
> >> > sound that very specific to education...
> >> > 
> >> > I have taken the bold step and cross-posted. Please follow-up only to
> >> > debian-custom and the individuals (possibly) not subscribed there.
> >> 
> >> This has little to do with custom distributions, either.  It is about LTSP
> >> development, and it arguably belongs on the LTSP mailing lists.
> >
> > i disagree entirely. as i see it, this is about using a customized
> > debian/ubuntu as a framework for diskless systems.

While the LTSP effort itself certainly belongs being discussed on the LTSP
mailing list, I see a lot of potential for sharing expertise and code between
these projects.  I think that is the spirit in which this particular discussion
was opened up.  As things pertain to LTSP, that is where they ought to be
discussed.  However, I think this is yet another case of how we can build
custom distributions to meet specific needs.

The theme I am seeing here is that the custom Debian distributions seem to be
the expedient way to produce some very distinct, and very useful distributions.
 Let's share the things we can, and produce several distinct versions out of
some great common ideas and code.

Brian Masinick, mailto:masinick@yahoo.com
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