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Re: simple-cdd 0.2.0

Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir.cohen@xorcom.com> writes:

> * debpartial-mirror's mirror comparison still takes ages. I normally
>   skip it

Please, if possible report a bug against it so we remember to add an
option to skip it.

The check consist in build the md5 of each package and match it
against the Packages file. This is done to ensure you don't have any
corrupted file in your mirror. One possible good appouch could be
check the timestemp and the size, of one of those informations change
then check the md5. Also provide a way to verify all packages and
update the cache database.

I agree it takes ages to complete but I want to solve it to next
version. The next version is really impressive and should be upload in
next weeks so I think it'll be solved.

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