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Re: Starting the derivative conversation

On Thu, 21 Jul 2005, Jeff Licquia wrote:

First off, apologies to the list for wandering from its charter.  If you
object to discussion of external derivations in this list, please speak
up; such objection is likely to boost the priority of finding an
alternative venue.
Well, for the other list members: We agreed in Helsinki that discussion
of common questions between Custom Debian Distributions and Debian
derivatives might be fine here if they are obviousely targeting at
a better cooperation.  So posting here is fine.

another mailing list would be counterproductive.  As a temporary
measure, we agreed to use the debian-custom list for the initial
discussions; it would be a good idea to decide if we need to find a new
place for this, or if there are better ideas for achieving this.
My suggestion was to create another list if the number of threads
will increase by more than 100%.

There may be other important ideas that I may be neglecting in this
summary; corrections would be appreciated.
My memory also stored some common development on the CDD toolkit
which might be also very valuable for derivers.

Kind regards and thanks to Jeff starting the common discussion



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