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Propose for teh Devcamp

   Hello folks,

   We would like to dedicate 2 or 3 hours to discuss about the tools
   actually available for the CDD. The idea is make all the people that
   will partecipate aware of the actual technology in order that it is
   clear to all what we have and what we need to develop to accomplish
   the CDD goals. The second stage it is to plan how to develop what it
   is missing.

   It could be also helpful to have a list of people that will
   partecipate and arrival/departures dates (in order to understand how
   many time we have for discuss and develop).

   It follows a preliminar list of the tools:

   cdd-dev pkg:                 ???
   debpartial-mirror:           Otavio Salvador (04/05/2005 until 10/05/2005)
   debtags:                     Enrico Zini
   simple-cdd:                  Vagrant Cascadian?
   FAI:                         ???

   Ciao Ciao

   Marco & Otavio

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