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Re: Tracking CDD-specific package requests in the WNPP

On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, Ben Armstrong wrote:

A while ago I asked for a feature so that CDD-specific bugs, especially
requests for packages in the WNPP, could be tracked in the BTS via a
unique tag for debian-jr.  Well, it seems that this feature is already
present.  See:


So if I wanted to request that package "xyzzy" be packaged for
debian-jr, it could be titled like this:

RFP: xyzzy -- A hypothetical package for kids [jr]

All requested packages for debian-jr could then be located like this:


If we're going to track our package requests this way, we should
standardise on the syntax for the tags.
We really should standardise this and that's why it is just now documented at


I just crosspost this also to debian-med list for the reason that people
notice this.  I would suggest to go over all WNPP bugs which are tagged
[Med] or [Biology] at random places (well, not really random, but not as
suggested here) and change this to [med] in the end of the short description
(please mind also the not about lower cases in the tag).

Thanks for your comment, Ben.

Kind regards



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