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Re: CDD Development Camp and 2nd Free Software Congress

>>>>> "sto" == Sergio Talens-Oliag <sto@debian.org> writes:

    sto>   I've translated the current program and put it on:
    sto>     http://cdd-devcamp.debian.net/wiki/

    sto>   I hope to have time to add more things on the WIKI about
    sto> the CDD DevCamp, any help will be appreciated (I'm quite busy
    sto> lately).

    sto>   BTW, if any of the people that is going to come (or not)
    sto> has comments about the program, the talks or the round tables
    sto> feel free to send them also.

    Well folks, I want to use some time to talk about the propose to
    build a common CDD librarie on Python. I and others (sto, free,
    zufus, ...) think this is very important and can improve our speed
    for following developments a lot.

    Other important thing is talk about cdd-tool. This is being
    developed almost by sto and I really want to join to it. It will
    use the python-cdd library and I think well be a good step forward
    CDD development at all.

    Other thing /need/ is talk what is missing on Debian for better
    CDD structure. What we should focus on develop and improve. We can
    talk a little about the Debian Installer and we can discuss what
    we need there too.

    And ..., of course: HACKING!!!!!!!!!!

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