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[OT] Documentation for python-apt


it is certainly off topic here but I expect some guys around who
worked with python-apt and
finaly I want to do something in the CDD field.  THe exact task I want
to do is parsing the
dependencies of a meta-package to finally get a web packag which looks like

      Dependency1: short description
             long description
      Dependency2: short description
             long description

In short just building web pages like they can be found at the
Debian-Med website.

My trouble is to understand the API of python-apt for instance how to
get a list of all
Depends, Recommends, Suggests of  med-* and then find out the
according descriptions.

Any helpful hint to documented examples?  It would be a shame to
rewrite this stuff just
because of a lack of understanding.

Kind regards


PS: Please CC my gmail.com address because I'm currently able to read
my normal e-mail.

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