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move simple-cdd to cdd project?

simple-cdd is a generic and simple (or crude) tool to create
debian-installer CDs that install lists of packages and feeds debconf
pre-seeding answers...

i have been developing simple-cdd as part of the debian-np project on
alioth, though i'm wondering if it would be more appropriate to be part
of the CDD project?

this might make it easier to share some ideas and code between projects
such as simple-cdd and cddtool...

recently built 0.1.0 packages to install the simple-cdd tools (rather
than requiring subversion to download it), and uploaded it to the
debian-np package repository:

deb http://debian-np.alioth.debian.org/debian unstable main

the only package it requires outside of sarge at this point is
debpartial-mirror 0.2.x (and it seems to also work with the
not-yet-released rewrite of debpartial-mirror).

so, if folks think simple-cdd should be moved to the CDD project, it
would probably require adding my username "vagrant-guest" to the cdd
project on alioth.  :)

live well,

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