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Debian Custom devcamp?

Who whould be interested in joining a Debian Custom development camp,
if travel and accomondation were sponsored?  The focus should be
improving your Custom Debian Distribution while coordinating use of
tools and methods with the other CDDs.

If there is intereste in this, I'll look for sponsors and a sensible
location.  Location would be picked to reduce the total travel cost,
ie closest to as many as possible.

Please post

  Your name
  CDD project name
  Location/place of departure when traveling

to this list as soon as possible.  Just to have some deadline, I set
it to 2004-10-10, but please post as soon as possible.

If you know anyone interested in sponsoring such event, please let me
know.  I expect total costs around ~5000 EURO based on experience from
the Debian Edu devcamps, but this is just guesswork.

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