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Re: Any project prepared to submit packaging stuff to SVN before Florence conference

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|--==> "AT" == Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> writes:

  AT> On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>Actually I didn't feel  to send any patch,  as I think the approach to
  >>meta-packages has to be re-thought a  little bit, and my modifications
  >>are quick and dirty hacks waiting for a better framework.
  AT> OK.  The reason why I was asking is that I'm preparing a talk for
  AT> the "internal developer circle" which comes after the workshop for
  AT> the public.  SO if you have any ideas which I could include it would
  AT> be great.  It would not make any sense if I would present things many
  AT> people do not really agree.  What do you think are the most weak
  AT> parts of the meta package approach?

Well, I'm going to  talk about the during  the workshop. Anywho
my main complain is that the approach is not scalable and hard wired
dependences are easy to break. First we need a package classification
system (as debtags), possibly supporting hierarchical categories (debtags
does), then such information can be used to perform a number of operation
on a given set of packages (i.e. a task or even sub-task):

1) installation
2) menu tree generation
3) web based views (including sanity checks as found in qa.debian.org)

and everything you can think about.

Of course you find ways to all such things with meta-packages as well,
after  all  the information is   the  same, but IMO   it's awkward and

More on this during the workshop!



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