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Re: building a custom cd

|--==> "OS" == Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> writes:

  OS> || On Fri, 03 Sep 2004 16:22:12 +0300
  OS> || Ali ASLANDAS <ali@mikrobeta.com.tr> wrote: 

  aa> Hi,
  aa> Recently, i decided to build a custom debian based linux distro. i
  aa> download d-i from svn, and compiled it  with
  aa> "build_cdrom_isolinux" option, now i have a "vmlinuz" and a
  aa> "initrd.gz", i tried to create package repository that consist of
  aa> necesarry (i'm not sure if i collect all required packages or not)
  aa> udebs and deb files  with apt-move, and
  aa> created Release and Package(.gz) files with apt-ftparchive.  then, i
  aa> made an iso, at first it looks that it works fine upto checking cd
  aa> integrity, and a message appears "Failed to copy file from CDROM,
  aa> Retry?", i checked up syslog, and saw that, anna says that "
  aa> anna[4241] bad d-i packages file", i cant understand what anna doesn't
  aa> like to. i need help, how to build an installer cd is based on debian.

  OS> Currently the best way to build a custom iso image is use debian-cd
  OS> tool. This is far from a good tool for it but is what we have by now.

  OS> If you see the svn repo of Debian-NP you can see some scripts build by
  OS> me and Zufus to make it more easy to deal.

  OS> Good lock ;-)

Yes go for debian-cd. And I'd suggest you to  collect the packages you
need with debpartial-mirror.



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