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Re: CDD packages for LinuxTag DVD

 || On Mon, 31 May 2004 20:37:53 +0200
 || Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> wrote: 

	as> Good morning,

        Godd evening! 

        I present my self, for those that don't lnow me.

        I am Marco, from Italy and I am working on Debian-NP CDD.

	as> we are just creating the DVD we will hand out at LinuxTag next month in
	as> Karlsruhe / Germany.

	as> So far we included pretty much nice stuff, namly all packages starting
	as> with junior- and all packages starting with med- . Anything else we
	as> should include (we have still ~600MB free).

        I hope that in one month we are able to provide also packages
        for NP.

        Ciao Ciao 


"I videogiochi non influenzano i bambini. Voglio dire, se Pac-Man avesse
influenzato la nostra generazione, staremmo tutti saltando in sale
scure, masticando pillole magiche e ascoltando musica elettronica

Kristian Wilson, Nintendo Inc. 1989

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