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Re: Debian exists in Spanish?

[CC from debian-np list, sorry for the crosspost, try to move the
discussion on d-custom if you think it's not only debain-np related,

On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 11:47:31AM -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 10:32, Stephen Lynch wrote:
> > Since I work with Spanish, Korean, and Chinese speakers in our
> > refurbishment program, I'm working on making a morphix version that
> > supports Spanish.  Are there packages or features you'd recomend?
> Before investing much effort in this, please be aware that debian-custom
> is working towards a native Debian solution to this problem.  If you can

More in general, if you, CDD developer/supporter, think a feature is
good for your CDD, try to ask to debian-custom too, maybe the same thing
is needed by other CDDs, so you can work togheter to write down some
guidelines letting CDDs uniform within Debian, letting people that
will need it in the future having the stuff done, and not spend your
time on thing may be already developed/discussed :)


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