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CDD opportunity? (was: [radel@inet.net.nz: Debian Server ideas])

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 08:36, Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader
> One thing that I find difficult is the manual configuration of
> common server tasks in Debian.  I was installing a bunch
> of Windows 2003 Servers *cough* *cough* recently for an 
> organization and was very intrigued with the Wizard interface 
> to setting up a server. All tasks including installing of server
> components, or modifing typical server roles are through a 
> unified tool.  Of course, manual hacking is still available.

Apart from the specific implementation ideas presented by this poster,
it sounds to me like this is an as-yet unaddressed Custom Debian
Distribution[0] opportunity, if there are developers who would be
interested in undertaking such an effort.  In other words, there ought
to exist a CDD containing a variety of the best software within Debian
targetted at admins wishing to set up a server box (or a set of server
boxes) quickly and painlessly.

Indeed, a recent network outage at work started me musing over whether
it is currently possible to make a Debian "backup services" live CD for
use during outages of our (Windows-based) office network.  It ought to
be simple enough to use so that our non-Linux-savvy net admins could
boot the CD on one or more systems so that some basic alternate services
are available while the systems running the primary services are
undergoing maintenance.  I don't believe there is anything like it
available today, though I have not done an exhaustive search, so maybe I
have overlooked something.

[0] http://wiki.debian.net/?CustomDebian
synrg at debian dot org

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