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Broken link to "Installation and Administration HOWTO" in www.debian.org

(Please CC me, I'm not subscribed to the list).

My name is Laura Arjona, I'm contributing Spanish translations to the
Debian website and now starting in the debian-www team.

A person reported to the Spanish list that the link to the "Beowulf
Installation and Administration HOWTO" in the webpage


is broken.

Fixing that looks like a quite small task, so it's an opportunity for
me to try to send a bug report with the corresponding patch to

Do you know if there is another place to link to, or should we remove the link?

I've searched the internet and found this one:

Beowulf Installation and Administration HOWTO
Jacek Radajewski and Douglas Eadline
Version 0.1.2 2 June 1999

But since that document is quite old, I'm not sure if it's obsolete or not.

Laura Arjona

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