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Re: Should I use beowulf?

I think MOSIX is over-kill for your application. Each of those services can live on their own machine and IIRC, Asterisk has a number of daemons it uses that don't need to be on the same machine either. Any kind of distributed single-image solution, like MOSIX, will have overhead that just distributing the components won't entail. Regardless of what you do, Beowulf-style, MOSIX, distributed services they all entail communications over a network, typically Ethernet and most often 1GbE, but 100MbE , 10MbE, Infiniband can be used also.

MOSIX's big advantage is if you have a single multi-process application that is bigger than a single system it can distribute the processes across multiple nodes without you having to write an MPI or OpenMP program.

Paul Logasa Bogen II, Ph.D.

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 2:16 PM, jason <jason@martythebanker.com> wrote:

Hi Gerald,

That actually looks like a great option. Thanks for the tip!

Fri Apr 13 2012 02:16:43 PM EDT from "Gerald Wrong" <psillymathhead@gmail.com> Subject: Re: Should I use beowulf?
You might try looking into MOSIX type clusters for simple dynamic migration of processes across a heterogeneous cluster.



On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 1:18 PM, jason <jason@martythebanker.com> wrote:

Hello, hope somebody is out there.

I've got an application that ties together several different other applications.

It's written in python, managed via apache, queries MySQL, and creates text files that are processed by asterisk, which launches a VOIP (SIP) session.

It's solid, works well, but when I try to get to the desired volume of calls, the CPU Load on my Quad 3.6Ghz server spikes to 22.0, so I'm stuck with about half of what I'm trying to get done, with a load of 3 - 5..

The main culprit here is Asterisk, which uses Shared Memory, so I know I won't get any benefit for that particular program out of beowulf. The python part is extremely lightweight, and aside from the main call-file generating daemon, a slew of cgi and helper programs kick in from time to time to do database updates.

I know that I'm going to invest in a couple more dual core processors, which would bring my total count up to 8 cores, or 24ghz, on the server.

If I were to make this server the beowulf master and plug in my 12 P4 3ghz machines into the cluster, do you think it would migrate the other programs to the nodes, freeing up the server's processor to focus on the asterisk tasks?

Or would I be better served moving the sql, apache, etc to another server, performing my db lookups across a dedicated network?

And  a side question that I probably already know the answer to, can I have 32bit nodes with a 64bit master?

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