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Re: Requesting help regarding creating Debian clusters

On 04/04/2012 12:23, Sudhir Kumar wrote:

Hello Sir,

I am a student, and I am trying to bulid debian clusters and work on them. While installing I encountered a problem in rebulid the kernel step.

On executing command

"CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=8 make-kpkg kernelimage --initrd --append-to-version=-perfctr0"

I'm getting make: *** [debian/stamp/build/kernel] Error 2.

Please help/suggest me to resolve this problem.

Thank you sir.

Hi ,

This is not a cluster trouble but a kernel compilation issue.
The name you try to give your newbuilt kernel is not the same as the one that have been declared into the .config file.

Best regards,


Jean-Bernard Yata
System Engineer

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