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R: HPC with Beoqulf

I suppose  you refer beowulf means you refer a trasparent distributed processes 
managment system.

Any Linux distribution supporting beowulf can be the point of a good start to 
build a Linux based HPC cluster.

In order to build a performante architecture solution to HPC cluster, the best 
strategy is to elaborate a combined 

solution using high fast interconnection system and a reliable cluster 
resource management systems: beowulf  is 

only a distributed processes managment system. 

Beowulf is not a High Availability  HPC system, is not a high network 
interconnect system, is not  a is not a Cluster 

Management system, is not a File system managment, is not a scheduling of 
parallel programs, is not a inter 

processor communication.

You can start from beowulf software and add code to reach the above 

Antonio Dima

>----Messaggio originale----
>Da: patrick.p.schmid@gmail.com
>Data: 14/01/2011 9.04
>A: <debian-beowulf@lists.debian.org>
>Ogg: HPC with Beoqulf
>Morning everybody!
>I'm trying to build a Linux HPC based on Debian with Beowulf.
>But I didn't find any information about if Beowulf is a solution for
>High Availability or High Performance.
>Can somebody help?
>Patrick Schmid
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