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Preseed issue in lenny

I have created multiple preseeds to install nodes using preseed and
ubuntu, and have worked without any problems, but with lenny I am
having a few issues. I hope someone on this list can help

Here are my steps

1. Copy CD 1 into a directory, which is available via httpd
2. Set-up PXE/tftp so that it picks up the netboot initrd/vmlinuz fom
the server, and uses the following preseed file


I have enabled DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text, so that I can see the text a lot
easier in a remote console, and the error I am getting is

Checking the Debian archive mirror  ..25%..50%..100%
!! ERROR: Bad archive mirror

I have checked that I can get to the URL myself, and checked logs on
the server as well, But I can't seem to find the root of the problem.

Like I said, I used the same process for the ubuntu CDs, and the
preseed worked without any problem. Some advice on this would be


Arif Ali

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