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Re: R: A cluster under Linux Debian?

Hi all,

antonio.dima@libero.it wrote:
>> We are buying a cluster. There will be about 30 
> nodes.
>> I would like to know it s possible to install Debian on it.
> Yes, we 
> are working about a cluster solution using Debian software.
> What are you 
> interested, HPC or HPA cluster solution? 
>> Do you know if the Infiniband 
> Debian driver is reliable?*
>> *What is your own experience whith debian and 
> infiniband?
> Yes, We are working about a cluster solution using Infiniband 
> too.
> The debian kernel software running on our cluster is depending what you 
> ask your cluster.

It's definitely possible :)

We are running #58 of the world with Debian (although no Infiniband but
really "fast" Ethernet throughout the cluster).



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